Easy mousse icebox cake

Coffee mousse icebox cake from @bijouxandbits #iceboxcake #mousse

A few weeks back I made this creamy, dreamy ricotta-based coffee mousse that was awesome all by itself. But I had so much left over that it was calling to be re-purposed into something else. Enter this SO easy and so delicious coffee mousse icebox cake. Icebox cakes are awesome because they're no-bake -- although you'll still have to wait a bit while it sets in ye olde "icebox." Spoiler: that's … [Read more...]

Bacon, date, and cheddar pasties

Bacon, date, & cheddar pasties from @bijouxandbits #bacon #cheddar

I've made hand pies of this sort for a while and still can't figure out what to call them. Are they hand pies, turnovers, tarts, pasties? I can't seem to find definitive terms for these things, so I'm just choosing pasties for these bacon, date, and cheddar pasties to honor my mum's British nationality. Feel free to school me in the comments. Let's see, this is the third … [Read more...]

Caramelized onion, fig, and ricotta pizza

Caramelized onion, fig, and ricotta pizza from @bijouxandbits #pizza #ricotta

I had my heart set on this caramelized onion, fig, and ricotta pizza before I even realized that figs aren't quite yet in season. The weather gets slightly warmer and I automatically go into "get the figs!" mode. Sigh. I ended up snagging some dried figs, but if you can hold out for the fresh ones, do it. Either it's yum as hell. One tip for dried figs especially is to slice them up a little … [Read more...]

Espresso ricotta chocolate mousse

Espresso ricotta chocolate mousse from @bijouxandbits #mousse #chocolate #espresso

My love affair with ricotta continues with this espresso ricotta chocolate mousse. It's reminiscent of tiramisu, and infinitely nommable as-is or used a filling in pies and cakes. In fact, I have plans for one of my batches of this. Ricotta is so versatile that I've used it in both healthier and more decadent dishes, both sweet AND savory. I think most folks sae it for lasagna, but I … [Read more...]

Apple pecan pie protein bites

Apple pie pecan protein bites from @bijouxandbits #applepie #protein

I like to supplement my meals with various low sugar protein and/or grain bars, like Quest or Lara Bars, on occasion. Mostly when I'm short on time and want to throw something in my bag for snackies later. They're better than some alternatives, at least, especially at the comic book convention I recently attended where pizza was essentially the best offering. I may have seen a banana, actually. … [Read more...]